About Giorgina Liguori

I invite you to meet me and meet with me. I’m a published writer and producer, for both television in New York, Florida and North Carolina. I have two graduate degrees in psychology and counseling. For the last 18 years, I have been a group leader, coach and teacher of women studies.

With licenses in guidance and counseling, as well as drug and alcohol prevention, I have worked with many at-risk kids and have taught parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and principals how to reach all types of teens and tweens, including (especially) those deemed unreachable or “impossible.” I believe that with all people, adults, teens or tweens, if you find a key, a commonality, you can get in. We all wish to be understood and to believe that we are not alone.

Perhaps more than the degrees is the fact that I combine wisdom and experience with the humor and compassion to meet your needs. My greatest accomplishment is the beautiful children I’ve raised.

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